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23 Des 2021
Palace deck arrived here

Palace Rory Pro S26 Deck in 8.06". The latest signature deck for team rider Rory Milanes, this 7-ply Palace deck is a hard wearing pro deck designed to complement any pre-existing hardware collection. Styled to a width of 8.06” for increased stability and longevity, this custom deck is signed off with an assorted stain veneered topside and with a gradient style underside that features a photo illustrative sticker pack ‘R’ decal and a deep red ‘M’ outline above a collaborative ‘Rory Milanes’ Palace triferg.

Following on from recent collaborations with the likes of Vans, Lotties Skate Shop and Gore-Tex, London-based Palace continues to inspire with their out-the-box ideational aesthetic and their passion for performative progression. Internationally known with a skate team that includes the likes of Chewy Cannon and Lucas Puig, Palace continually pushes the boundaries of modern day skate styling thanks to their expressive character and their restless sense of energy.

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02 Okt 2021
JOHNNY SCHILLEREFF left Element skate Co.

Why do this deal with Target?

The Heart Supply Founder Johnny Schillereff: There was great chemistry between us, and we share the same ethos and mission. It is also time for a new chapter, and it felt like the natural evolution of my skateboarding career. I have no desire to recreate and relive my previous journey or start another skateboard company that competes with my peers and further saturates the market.

I would be doing a disservice to myself, family, business, team riders and skateboarding if I didn’t work with, and learn from, the greatest and most innovative retailer of all time when given the opportunity.

Additionally, skaters shop at Target for all their essentials. From clothing basics to skate mission nutrition and hydration, Target is a skater’s one-stop shop.

It’s always been a dream of mine to make skateboarding more inclusive, affordable and accessible. A collection available at Target gives future skaters the opportunity to buy a lower price, high quality skateboard that provides a positive experience.

After decades of navigating through the familiar corridors of the skateboarding industry, it was time to step out of my comfort zone. Our relationship with Target helps ensure increased participation in skateboarding, which benefits the sport, our team-riders and our ability to give free skateboards to kids in need.

Will Heart Supply be in all Target stores?

Johnny Schillereff: Yes, the collection will be available in all Target stores nationwide and at In addition, a limited edition complete that is autographed signed by Olympians Jagger Eaton and Heimana Reynolds with a certificate of authenticity is available online for presale.

Do you think this will hurt the brand’s chances in core distribution?

Johnny Schillereff: No. The Heart Supply intentionally speaks to a different audience with a much-needed point of difference by embracing and marketing our completes program. It is long overdue in all skateboarding sales channels that a legitimate skateboard company has legitimate team riders that design, test, approve and proudly endorse their complete skateboards.

Do you have any sort of agreement with Target on how the brand will be displayed, etc.?

Johnny Schillereff: My wife Kori and I own and control our brand, and have the final say on everything. Target lived up to their great reputation, and we had an amazing, positive experience working with their team. We personally designed all sales, marketing and point-of-sale materials. The education and guidance we received through the process was priceless.

How much do the boards at Target cost?

Johnny Schillereff: The Heart Supply’s complete skateboard program starts at $59.99. Constructed with seven ply hard-rock maple wood with great concave, in a proper 8.0″ wide, full shape that provides a bigger surface for better board control. The complete rolls on 54mm traction urethan wheels, with pre-greased speed bearings and lightweight, responsive trucks, with rebound bushings for enhanced turning and no wheel-bite.

All the above gives first time skaters the opportunity to buy an affordable, high quality skateboard that provides a positive experience, which is our mission.

Will there be any specific marketing activations?

Johnny Schillereff: 100%. We are entering an exciting new world.

In addition to standard industry marketing, we are doing collaborations, appearances, demos, interviews, and product reviews in the sports, gaming and toy industry, along with participating in trade shows in those industries.

In June and throughout the Olympic games in July, we are doing unboxings (opening gift boxes on social media), interviews and podcasts with toy and gaming influencers, as well as activations that reach a broader demographic in all digital media channels.

Skateboarding pop culture, entertainment and gaming brought large scale awareness and waves of new skateboarders – and opportunity to skate brands, distributors, retailers and skaters. The aim is to make our marketing activations and relationship with Target create this same winning formula.

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